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Maintenance is an important key in maintaining the natural beauty of stone. 
You only want to clean with a Ph neutral stone cleaner; stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasives, like Ajax or 409. 
We recommend sealing the stone about once a year.  Use an imregnating sealer, not a topical sealer.  This allows the stone to "breathe" and prevents efflorescence.
For polished surfaces, a wax will maintain the luster and help with stain protection. 

Bellinzoni Products
We carry an assortment of cleaners, polishes, & sealers from Bellinzoni.
Multi Clean: Concentrated Ph neutral stone cleaner. Safe for all types of stone and finishes. Available in 17 oz. spray & 1 L. bottle 
Listo: A complete clean, wax and polish kit. Perfect for monthly maintenance of granite and marble counter tops, bathroom vanities, mantles, etc.
Super Seal CE: A solvent based impregnating sealer with a built in color enhancer
Super Seal: Solvent based impregnating sealer. Used to protect stone from grease, oil, dirt and water stains.

Mangia Macchia Stain Remover

Stubborn dirt & stains are easily removed with this specially formulated, pre-mixed poultice. Eliminate most visible stains such as oil, coffee, wine & grease. Safe for marble, granite, cotto, and ceramic; will not damage polished surfaces.

Tenax Water & Oil Proof Sealers

Penetrates into the porosities of natural stone, giving high repellant properties to the surface. The stone will maintain the natural breathe ability characteristic.

Tenax Ager sealer

Applied to sanded or smooth surfaces to give a wet look. Can also be applied to polished surfaces to enhance color. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Bellinzoni Liquid Wax

Designed specifically for polishing marble, granite, & travertine. Perfect for polishing corners, edges & areas where waxing may be difficult. Excellent for floors; provides an extra coat of protection against scuff marks & staining.

Multi-Strip Wax Remover
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